Surely we’re well over the days when mom and dad used to pick up a few “one size larger” clothes and made our hair the way they thought was appropriate! Kids want to do their own thing, wearing what they think suits them best, keeping the hairstyle they wish to. And why shouldn’t they? Life in the year 2011 has made people extremely style conscious and so why should kids be behind, they are no exceptions.

Appearance is really significant aspect in society these days, and when it comes to juniors, it becomes all the more important aspect because of all the peer pressure. Moreover, your appearance can decide your social status in the school or in your friend circle. Like it’s said ‘first impression is the last impression’, clothes are an important depiction of your personality as they brief about your likes within a jiffy.

Juniors like to dress up according to the changing fashion trends and choose the latest fashions of the season, and keep up with the latest trends. There is a copious range of options of cute dresses for juniors these days. It is observed that the funky and the casual wear are much more popular in the juniors clothing section as it exudes a carefree look.

Choose dresses which make girls look cute and give them doll and princess like look. There is humungous range available in the market these days, which includes knee length or short skirts (pleated or with frills) which may also be teamed up with leggings or stockings, velvet frocks, etc. Printed dresses look incredibly adorable in colours like baby pink, sky blue or lemon yellow. Neon colours like ruby red, emerald green, shocking pink, etc look very cute on little girls. Opt for effulgent and outlandish colours to make your princess stand out from the crowd.

Select darker hues of the rainbow to make your prince the cynosure amongst the crowd. Colours needn’t be mundane or dull. Opt for colours like purple, olive, navy blue, etc. Tees with cartoon character’s prints not only make boys look cute but are also their own personal favourite. T-shirts with hoods enhance the style quotient of boys. Dress up your little one in accordance with his penchant. Scrupulously select from the myriad melange of trends available for juniors today.

Since these are those clothes which the kids would be wearing almost daily, one shouldn’t be spending too much on them. They should be looking for really cute dresses with reasonable rates and which are comfortable and easy for the kids. However, the quality of the clothes should not be compromised at any cost. Also, clothes for juniors should be extremely comfortable and shouldn’t be competing with their puerile charm.

There’s no paucity of cute dresses for juniors in the market. Trends which are in vogue can be followed to make your kid look stylish and fashionable. Choose for cuteness over fervidity when it comes to selecting clothes for juniors. Make your junior look perky and eloquen without much endeavour!

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