For you to be able to successfully buy a house, it is necessary that you come up with a solid plan before you formally get into the process. Purchasing a house or any other form of real estate property is a complicated endeavor and it can be the hardest financial transaction you will get into in your entire life. It is very essential for a potential home buyer to be well-prepared in endeavors as huge as home buying. Before you purchase a home, you should have pictured out in your mind the type of house you will be buying and the area where you want to buy a property. For instance, if you chose to buy a Broken Arrow Real estate property in Oklahoma, you should already have an idea as to what kind of Broken Arrow Homes for Sale you will consider buying. Looking at homes included in online Broken Arrow MLS will help you find homes you might like, which can help you decide more easily. Making a guide, such as a checklist, before you buy a home will be very helpful. In this checklist, you can include every characteristic you are thinking of, be it general and specific so that when you look at houses, it will be very convenient for you to assess if a property greatly satisfies your requirements in a house. 

1. Location and neighborhood
One of the general things you should consider before you buy a home is the location. Where do you plan to live? Do you want it to be in a coastal area or would it be more desirable for you if it is surrounded by mountains? Or maybe you are looking for a house near the city or your workplace. The kind of neighborhood is another thing to look at when you start making your lists. 
2. Duration of living in the property
Are you planning to live in your chosen area for a limited time only? If you are planning to reside in the property for a longer period of time, it will be best if you buy your ideal house or at least the one that is closest to what you are looking for. 
3. Children
of kids will matter a lot when you pick a house to buy.  If you already have kids or just planning to have one, make sure that you consider their needs before you close a deal for a house. 
4. Home condition
Everybody wants a house that is in its best condition when they purchase it, that is for sure. However, the concern that you really have to decide upon is whether you will get an old property or a new and more modern-inspired home. 
1. Number of rooms
You have to put in your checklist the number of rooms you want your ideal house to have. Most of the home buyers find a property desirable if it has two or three bedrooms.
2. Number of stories
Preference towards the number of stories in the house should also be included in your wish list. It is important for you to really think about this especially if you have children or elderly people to live with you in the house.
3. Garage
Do you currently have cars? Are you planning to get one? The garage is another specific home aspect that most home buyers look into. Many of them prefer a garage for two or more cars and it should be attached to one side of the home. Larger garage are better because it provides more storage space. 
4. Landscaping
Do you prefer a vacant yard so you can start your gardening plans or is it better for you if the property already has a fully landscaped yard?