Apple’s iPod Touch has already delighted a lot of users and it aims to delight thousands more as it continues to develop more innovative features. Some people want to snap up this gadget because of its quality mobile Web browser and e-mail capacity, while others like it because it can be used as a hand held gaming device. A good number of iPod Touch users purchased the device primarily for video and music playback.

For an avid iPod user, the first observation that you are going to make is that the third-generation remains to have the same look as the others. You can hardly tell the difference between the second and third-generation when it comes to appearance. It also offers a 3.5in screen that shows off a 480×320 resolution.

The third-generation iPod Touch boosts of a remarkable music player, support for podcast, YouTube support, video playbacks for iTunes rentals, Safari browser, an e-mail support, photo viewer, iTunes Store, and a variety of smaller applications that makes this gadget a one-stop shop. If you happen to turn into a mighty iPod user and become familiar of the function of all buttons, you will realize that you are carrying a portable PC rather than a simple music player.

The iTunes App Store, which you can access from your iPod Touch allows you to transfer thousands of applications into the device, including online radio players, video games, voice recorders, and of course, access to social-networking tools. There is also external hardware accessories especially designed for iPods to expand the uses of your Touch device, like a dock adapter, external battery, and speakers.

The iPod Touch has received a lot of praise since it was first launched, being the recipient of the thinnest design, highest storage capacity, and probably the most expensive portable media player award, too. Despite the steep price, there is enough in the third generation version of iPod Touch 64GB to convert old Touch holders and attract eager newbies.

On the physical aspect, you cannot point out a significant difference on this newer iPod. But beneath that extremely thin design and the sleek multi-touch screen, lies the true gem. It boosts of 800 MHz processor and enhanced graphics. The latest additional features include voice controls made possible through the headphone’s microphone and Bluetooth to back up the stereo.

These may seem like minor changes but this is because nothing can surpass the old iPod innovations such as leafing through track list in Cover Flow, great audio, smooth video playback, internet function, YouTube support, the hundreds of thousands of apps available and of course, the cherry on top, the iTunes.

People just can’t stop talking of the multi-touch feature of this device. The design of the iPod Touch 64GB is also something that is worth talking about. The gadget’s curved back and narrowed edges perfectly highlight its sleek proportion. This version retains its outer volume control, hold button and that talked-about home button. The voice control adds a touch of sophistication and convenience. Its 3.5in screen makes for a satisfying video experience. Apple is also polishing up iPod Touch to compete with top-notch portable gamers and its future in this area is promising.

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