Do you want a feminine and womanly fashion designs? Do you love bold prints, bright colors, pastels, excellent hues, dainty styles? Well, there is nowhere else to go but the Lilly Pulitzer sale. The best place when it comes to purchasing the best gown or perfect dress that will express a genuine and highly female spirit.

Lilly Pulitzer is a fashion designer that hailed from the socialites. She was born as Lillian Lee McKim in Roslyn, New York in 1931. Lilly Pulitzer was a part of the intricate lives of the wealthy but she decided to carry on and move out of her comfort zone as she eloped with Peter Pulitzer in 1950. The couple lived in Palm Beach, Florida. There, she started her juice stand that sells refreshments in the tropical weather of Palm Beach. It is also this juice stand that will set her career forward as she designed a dress without sleeves and is made of brightly colored material. Not only did she sell so many refreshments that day she wore that dress but people also inquired on her design.

Her career in fashion started through designing dresses, which are the dresses that we now try to covet in the Lilly Pulitzer sale. She specialized in garments for females and carried on designing clothes until the year 1984 but then she revived her collections in 1993. Since then a lot more people clamored for dresses in the Lilly.

She is known for her bright colors, somehow a subliminal extension of her juice stand roots. She was attracted to feminine patterns in her design such as accentuating areas of the body that are considered highly womanly. She likes simple clean lines along with pastels and flowery prints. For her, this is the perfect girly dress. Her excellent shades and prints flatter the women’ s bodies and display off their femininity a whole lot more than other versions. She identified what females want and she has addressed all the specifications of her clientele.

Today, a lot of fashion stores and retail outlets are carrying her designs. Shops such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom carry the Lilly Pulitzer line. There are also online shops that sell dresses that are in bright colors and pastels, epitome of what a Lilly Pulitzer dress is. There are over 70 shops all over the world that sell her valuable collection. Not only does she design dresses but in the Lilly Pulitzer sale, she has also expanded on to sunglasses, bags, and scarves, the perfect accessories to the perfect dress. Lilly Pulitzer is truly a powerful woman as she has exemplified wonderful work out of extreme talent and great perseverance.

She truly is an icon and her dresses speak well for herself. Her collections have transcended all the past decades and all the generations and with the amount of people that appreciate her designs in the Lilly Pulitzer sale, we can truly say that Lilly Pulitzer is an icon just as her dresses are easily recognizable and highly coveted.

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