Online purchase of products is gaining fame with the internet. Indiatimes shopping is one such product of online shopping. The urban population mostly indulges in this form of purchase. Producers rope themselves with these sites and sell their products. Here, one could purchase all categories of products from these stores. From magazines to High-Definition television sets, everything could be purchased through this.

The famous product categories are electronics, books, fashion and gifts. These stores hence eliminate the need of searching for different products at different places. These are places where one could virtually purchase anything he needs. Moreover, from these stores one could avail huge discounts. These stores usually function as a Franchisee chain of famous shopping groups.

The Times Group, a famous entity is the starter of this website. It sells electronics, flowers, lifestyle products and mobiles. It even ropes in other supermarkets for quick disposal of their products. In this way, the online shopping stores are a mutual profit business. Promotion and coupon offers lead to an increase in the popularity of these businesses. During special occasions, these stores offer huge discounts and thus increase its sales.

Social Networking is largely followed by these online stores. They serve as a means to spread the offers and attract customers. Coupons are spread through partnership with other businesses. Though it sells brands and gains fame, defects and problems are also a part of these stores. Hence, these stores have their own share of complaints.

The Indiatimesshopping Customer Care looks after various responsibilities. They have to deal with the orders and also the options available depending upon the customer. The choice for various situations could be availed through these representatives. Orders could be placed through them and one could avail continuous support till the delivery. A centralized facility for booking and delivery of products is also available for all over the country.

Complaints to these stores include issues regarding the quality and quantity of product. Sometimes, the delivery time and the environment of the place play a spoil sport in these businesses. Fragile materials like screens and glasses break or crack when not properly packed. Hence the distance travelled to deliver it should be made as short as possible. These should be taken into consideration while taking the orders itself.

The Indiatimesshopping Complaint cell is a service initiative that focuses to increase customer satisfaction. Safely delivering the products and on time is their policy. The representatives at these stores track the location of the package and notify the customer. This involves notifications to the phone number and e-mail provided while ordering. Hence, once the delivery is done, the customer is asked for feedbacks. With this, it understands the tastes of various types of customers.

Complaint against Indiatimesshopping could be done through various consumer forums. Another option is to use the toll-free number that takes through the various options to register it. Sometimes the company is good enough to immediately replace the product if it is damaged during transportation. Thus, earning the good will of customers is the key in such businesses. Hence, the company and its representatives try to keep their customers satisfied with the best levels. This offers free promotion of their products and leads to brand building.

I am writing on consumer rights and other relevant topics related to consumer welfare. I am handling a consumer forum to get consumer complaints resolved. Many customer care centres do not respond like Indiatimesshopping Customer care