One of the most important parts of skateboarding is buying the right skateboarding wheels. Though some might think skateboard wheels are irrelevant, there are many who would disagree, and most professional skateboarders know that the type of skateboard wheels in play can make or break the experience.

Skateboarding wheels, like any other type of skateboard part comes in a number of different sizes. This size is measured in millimeters, or at least the height. When it comes to the width of the wheel, there is no measured unit. In other words you will need to inspect visually to determine whether or not it is what you want. Another measurement you will find on these wheels is the durometer, which is the hardness of the urathane used in construction.

At one point in the history of skateboarding wheels, they were composed of clay rather then eurothane, but now that they are composed of eurothane they can be sold in varying hardness levels, and the best test would be to push your tumbnail to the edge of a wheel. You will undoubtedly notice a difference depending on the wheel type, and if not, you can normally check the hardness of the wheel by finding the number on the side.

Another thing you need to remember when buying skateboarding wheels is that you will want to make sure you have the same type of wheels on both axles. If you try to mix and match wheels you will get two very distinct effects, first of all your skateboard wheels will look a bit silly, and secondly you may experience instability as one wheel degrades faster than others.

What else should you look at when you are attempting to buy skateboard wheels? Size is incredibly important, and if you are looking to do skateboard tricks, then some of the larger 56mm wheels might be best for you. There are some who prefer the smaller wheels, but there are quite a few people who become injured trying to do tricks as well.

Though your wheel choice is just that, your choice, your skating style will ultimately govern the skateboarding wheels that you choose. If you are simply doing some street skating, you will want a larger wheel that can traverse cracks in the pavement, as this will keep you from flying headfirst into the nearest light pole.

If you are planning to do any downhill skating, then it would be a good idea to choose a larger, softer wheel. Why? Because softer wheels will absorb pebbles and rocks as you are skating down the hill. If you hit a rock with a hard wheel there is a strong chance that your board will lose traction, and with that being the case, you might kiss your boarding career goodbye.

Choosing the right skateboarding wheels can be difficult, but nowhere near impossible. Start looking into different skateboard wheels today and find one that will suit your needs, no matter what your boarding preference happens to be. It’s time to skate.

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