The Apple iPhone 4S is very popular and renowned for its versatility. In this article I will take a look at some of the shopping applications which are available for the handset.


As one of the most popular shopping sites in the world, with a dedicated site for numerous countries, Amazon brings its well known low prices and outstanding choice to the iPhone 4S is a dedicated app which is available from the AppStore. This allows users to buy goods from a wide variety of categories such as book, DVDs, CDs, electronics, toys and healthcare products. It works in much the same way as using the website on a normal computer. Users are able to search for items using keywords and categories, with matching products then displayed in a list. Users can refine their search using further criteria, and then make purchases straight from the phone. All that’s required is an account with payment and delivery details registered. This makes it super convenient, as you can buy items anywhere with an internet connection. Just like the website, it makes recommendations for users based on their previous purchases, making it even easier to find what you are looking for.


The world famous auction site, eBay also has a dedicated application for iPhone users. Like Amazon, it also has the ability to quickly and easily find items using a number of search criteria. What’s really handy about the eBay app is that you can track the progress of an auction wherever you are. for example, if you have placed a bit on an item, the app will alert you if you have been outbid, and also notify you when the auction is about to end. This allows you to keep an eye on the auction and place any last minute bids, as the auction will be displayed with a countdown timer in real time. Of course, “Buy It Now” items are a popular way of shopping on eBay. This allows you to instantly buy items and you can benefit from lower prices than other sites or shops. Again, all that’s needed is an account registered with eBay with your payment and delivery details. This allows you to carry out the whole bidding and buying process from the phone, should you wish.

Of course, these are just a couple of the shopping sites which have apps available from the AppStore. But there are a couple of other handy apps for shopping. A good example is ScanLife. With this app, you use the 8 megapixel camera which is built into the iPhone 4S to take a photo of the barcode on a product. This will then search an online database and display the results from Google Shopping, listing the cheapest places to buy the product. You can then follow the provided link to take advantage of the best prices.

Although it is not present in the iPhone 4S, many believe that the iPhone 5 will come with NCF (Near Field Communication) support, which will allow users to make instant payments in shops, simply by swiping their phone under a scanner, which of course is very convenient.

As you can see, the functionality of the iPhone 4S extends beyond just messaging, multimedia use, gaming and photography etc. If you are a fan of online shopping, the iPhone 4S makes it easy to make it even more convenient.


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