One’s interest in clothing will definitely be a plus if seeking for a job with Old Navy. Old Navy is a known institution of clothing line that has remained one’s top of mind, if shopping for clothes. A job seeker looking for a career at Old Navy needs to know his skills in order to discern where he will best fit, as there are various job vacancies to choose from, mostly in their store operations.

Old Navy doesn’t accommodate walk-in applicants anymore, as their recruitment system adapted to the advancement of technology, thus, all Old Navy applications are being processed online. The first and foremost requirement is for the job applicant to visit Old Navy’s website and go to the career page where an application form has to be filled out. If the candidate’s application is found to be acceptable then a interview will immediately be scheduled.

An applicant’s Old Navy application can land him either a part time or full time job whichever is deemed fit by the recruitment department. The company accepts employees 18 years and above. For those who have just started working and those with experience in retail operations can land in one of their numerous job openings in the entry level. A successful hire can be Old Navy’s sales associate, stock clerk or visual associate. An employee in this line usually receives a starting pay of $ 9 per hour.

The management positions are those with managerial experience and have a field of expertise for several years already. A lot of these positions can fill out other department within the company. Most of often, these include the store manager and assistant store managers among others. Since those who are considered for management positions are expected to perform and handle greater responsibilities, they usually receive a salary ranging from $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 depending on their experience and job position.

But regardless of ones position or job within the company, an Old Navy application can be very rewarding because the company provides enticing compensation and benefit package for their employees. One of their edged over other employers is that employees already get paid even during their trainings. On top of these they get other perks such as flexible schedules, and competitive pay scale, paid vacation leaves, retirement, health and insurance plan among the few. Aside from a rewarding career, one can also expect professional growth through promotions.

Old Navy has been operating a large number of retail stores across the United States and because of this, they always have the need to fill out their store manpower in order to ensure the store’s smooth operations. In most cases, a lot of part time employees are also needed during peak season such as the holidays. Thus, it is expected that Old Navy is continuously on the look-out in order  to fill both full time and seasonal vacancies.

Old Navy being one of the most reputable companies in the clothing industry is something worth to be part of.

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